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5J Barrow

5j Barrow is about to change folk rock with their impeccable sound. (Jake’s Take)

The Journey Vol. 1 showcases why this band is destined to break out of the east coast and play a role in shaping the next generation of folk rockers. (Jake’s Take)

The Journey Vol. 1 definitely leaves you hanging but in the best way possible.  With high hopes for the second half of this journey, the EP will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, exploring the highs and lows of love with beautiful lyricism, timeless songwriting and vivid storytelling. (Prelude Press)

The raw intent and deeply buried emotion surges to the surface.  Murman and Hite are on to something truly special. (B-sides & Badlands)

If you haven’t caught it by now, the only comparable band I haven’t mentioned yet is the Avett Brothers.  That Americana mishmash might be one of the best ways to understand what 5J Barrow are doing.  They’re not “just folk” at all.  But in saying they are a folk band, we better understand the breadth of singing for the people that defines their art.  The final track “Lullaby” may make you think of a baby in a cradle, but this is a mature lulling to sleep.  The sonic structure is complicated and even a bit dark.  The vocal is spoken as much as sung, encouraging existential reflections befitting a university philosophy class more than the often down-home reflections of typical folk music. (Ear to the Ground Music)


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